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2021 McLean Box League, Boys Youth-HS Rules


BOX RULES Boys Youth-HS Division (5 field players + goalie modified)

Three 15-minute periods running time, 2 min in between periods. 1 timeout per team (1 min stopped clock) in first or second period only. No timeouts in third period. Goals are 5’x5’ so regular goalie gear needed.

Cross-checking legal, no full extension on cross-check. Moving picks (sliding into) allowed. Both within 5yds of ball.

No pushing or cross checking or moving picks from behind or pushing/body checking  into boards, players must play ball only within 3 yards of boards. No warding off allowed.

No body checking, but legal pushing is allowed. One-hand checks allowed but must get stick. NO Back Court Rule in effect since no Midfield line. If ball crosses midfield area, it’s a free ball. A shot on goal that goes out of bounds or gets stuck in the net without hitting the goalie or goal post is a turnover. 

5 field players allowed on field plus a goalie, No Midfield line so no players need to stay behind midfield line area, goalie cannot cross midline area and cannot shoot or assist on Offense as a 6th attacker. A goalie must be on field at all times, no goalie team not allowed a 6th player. Outlet passes back to the goalie in crease are allowed.

Coaches not allowed on field.  All teams must supply a goalie, gear will be provided.

Ball in play off the back of the black netting behind goals and off boards.

No long poles.  No stick inspection required unless needed. Sticks must be less than 42” long.

No Parents on/behind team bench side, or behind goals, or at scorer’s table/tent.

Faceoffs to start each period with two players at midfield 6ft apart, everyone else behind blue line by goal. 6 goal differential in effect, free pass/clear by goalie to teammate. Subs on fly. Clear after every goal, 10 seconds to clear past midfield area. No shot clock but If stalling, 30 sec shot clock given by Officials.

Penalties, teams play man-down for time on penalty. 2 minutes for slashing (excessive is non-releasable or if same player flagged twice or more), 2 minutes for boarding which is non- releasable. Excessive and violent play & repeat fouls; 5 minute Major, or fighting, player will be ejected.

Tied score at end, Brave Heart to determine winner, goalies must stay on their half.

Scores will be kept to determine games schedules at end of the season, no playoffs but balanced competition.


Questions, please call or text Bucky Morris 703-888-9916