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2020 Tentative March Weekend Practice Schedules

(subject to change based on weather, fields, and coaches)


 MYL 2020 Spring Season Is Delayed Until April 12th, 2020

We are hoping to resume practices April 13-17

We are hoping to resume games April 18-19

Please check this website for updates


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Updated March-June 03/11/2020



March Weekend Team Practices 3/14-15


Sat March 14th

2pm-4pm – Girls 3/4MF Paschewitz & Girls 3/4LB Wheeler – McLean HS Bermuda Grass

4pm-530pm – Girls 3/4MFA Bennett – McLean HS Bermuda Grass



12pm-130pm - Boys 8U – McLean HS Turf

1pm-230pm – Girls 3/4A Loper – McLean HS Turf

130pm-3pm – Girls 7/8UB – McLean HS Turf

3pm-430pm - Boys 10UA Hance & Boys 12UB Maull – McLean HS Turf

430pm-6pm – Girls 5/6UB Stump & Boys 12UA Cutler – McLean HS Turf

6pm-7pm – Wildcard 2025 – McLean HS Turf

7pm-830pm – Boys 14UA Cutler – McLean HS Turf



Sun Mar 15th

8am-10am – Boys 14UA DiCamillo & Boys 12UB Maull – McLean HS Turf

10am-1130am – Boys 14ULB Giunchi – McLean HS Turf

1130pm-1pm - Boys 12UB Leech & Boys 14UB Myers – McLean HS Turf

1pm-230pm – Girls 7/8 & Girls 3/4UB Wheeler – McLean HS Turf

230pm-4pm – Girls 1/2 – McLean HS Turf

4pm-6pm – Boys 12UA Campbell – McLean HS Turf