Our mission is to promote the development of leadership, character, sportsmanship, tolerance, discipline, and a lifelong love of lacrosse.

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MYL Girls Spring 2023 Season


McLean Youth Lacrosse (MYL) will participate in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL), each Spring. The spring season is open to girls in grades K-8.


McLean Youth Lacrosse serves all girls living within the McLean High School & Langley High School Districts ages 5-14. You must live in Northern Virginia in order to play in the Spring League (NVYLL). You don't have to plan to attend McLean or Langley High School, but you must currently live within these two school districts.

To find out which public high school district you live in go to: http://boundary.fcps.edu/boundary/



Grade Division Classifications

Girls play in grade based divisions as follows:

Grades K/1/2 (K2) (B only)

Grades 3/4 (A & B)

Grades 5/6 (A & B)

Grades 7/8  (A & B)


The girls divisions are divided into conferences based upon the skill level of the players. The conferences are A for advanced players, upper B for intermediate players and lower B for novice players.



The cost of the Spring 2023 Season is $305 per player + the cost of US Lacrosse Membership ($30)



Email Courtney Hamm at with any questions 



Team Placement
MYL is dedicated to fostering the development of every players player and their enjoyment of the sport by providing an environment with teammates and opponents of nearly equal skills. Therefore, all registered players are strongly encouraged to attend at least one player evaluation. "A" Team tryouts will be held in December followed by "B" Team evaluations in January. Details on evaluations will be sent out to all players  registered for the spring season. All players in all divisions are required to attend the team placement evaluations or tryouts so we can determine player's ability and place them on the appropriate level team. 



Practices for all teams will begin in early March, after tryouts and player evaluations are completed. Teams will have practices 2 days per week at a local McLean field. Practices are led by Perfect Performance professional coaches. Practice schedules should be available by late February.  



Game Schedule

Girls games are mostly held on Sundays. However, due to scheduling games could be either day. Home games will be played at McLean High School, and away games will be played at various fields in Northern Virginia. 

Games begin the weekend of March 25/26 and will run through May 20/2

No games will be played on Easter weekend, April 8/9



All girls will need a lacrosse stick, mouthguard, and goggles. Cleats or turfs are reccomended but not required. 





“A” Team Commitment
Players who want to be considered for an MYL “A" level team are required to attend at least one tryout. 

MYL “A” Teams are for the more serious and experienced player, who wants to compete at a high level against similar competition.  MYL “A” Teams look to continue developing players while competing with the best NVYLL Teams. 

Our team success will be in large part directly related to how much we can play together as a team.  It is important that you make lacrosse a priority and attend as many practices before and during the season.  We encourage and support them playing other sports and activities, but we do expect a high level of commitment to this team.  If lacrosse is going to always be secondary to soccer or another activity, that's absolutely fine, but the top “B” team may be a better fit (it's less of a commitment).  Players are expected to show up to practice and games ready to play, listen, and work hard! 
“B” Team Commitment
Any MYL player that is not placed on an MYL “A” team will be placed on an MYL “B” team.  Depending on number of players registered, we may have multiple MYL “B” teams in which case they will be divided based on skill and ability (i.e. Upper B, Lower B, etc) and they will play in divisions with teams of comparable levels. MYL “B” Teams are typically highly competitive teams based on the growth of MYL and the depth of our player pool.  MYL “B” teams are regularly some of the top in the NVYLL. 
MYL will hold a separate “B” Team assessment following "A" team tryouts in January, to best divide and place players on teams.  

Club Team Conflicts

We recognize that many MYL players play both travel club lacrosse and rec league. This is great, and we are proud of the pool of lacrosse players we have worked so hard to develop!  That being said, some club players may have significant commitments throughout the rec season and at the end, during playoffs.  We are aware of these circumstances and while we are hopeful and expect to be able to manage most of these conflicts throughout the season, there may be times where conflicts are unavoidable.  

For our MYL teams, we do not anticipate the NVYLL adjusting its post-season playoff schedule.  As such, we expect to have an unavoidable conflict with those teams that make the NVYLL Championship weekend.  Unfortunately, given club team commitments, that could result in MYL teams having to forfeit the final championship round.  We have worked hard to find to a solution, but sadly, the potential for this outcome is real.  We want all families to be aware of this, in advance, so they can decide what is best for their family from the onset. 


Email Courtney Hamm at   with any questions